In 2009, Oglay set off a revolution in the flooring industry. In the country, it is the first to introduce the world's top 5D printing technology to create a new series of 5D space products. This move not only inherits the continuation of the floor craftsmanship, but also expands the imagination of the wooden floor in artistic aesthetics. Creating priceless with price, maintaining the original craftsmanship of the wooden floor also adds a new fashion change, so that each user can put forward their most unique requirements and realize the appearance and quality of the floor. In the thousands of trends, the original cultural style belongs to Ogle.

What Oglay has been doing is the re-creation of art, which combines the classic art with the ideas of contemporary creators, injecting culture and design into every detail of life. Living like an artist, discovering the beauty that already exists, and perceiving the beauty that has been discovered, is Ogle.


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    ogl flooring has 16 years of brand development history and 16 years of market practical experience. With the concept of “environmental protection and original ecology”, ogl flooring has laid a solid foundation in the domestic and international flooring market.。

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    Multi-layer solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, parquet flooring and other four series of products are covered by omni-channel, sound product line and excellent product quality to ensure your competitive advantage in the terminal.

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    After nearly 16 years of experience, Ogley flooring has a strong professional team. In the management, design, marketing, 360 ° no dead end of the intimate service, let you stand out in the local market and achieve a win-win situation.

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